Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Unsaid Difference Between the Terms UAT and EUT


I read this in Telegram chat of The Test Chat:

I am listening to a very interesting conversation about testing. The bone of contention is - UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is same/or not to End User Testing. What do you think?


My Opinion as a Blog Post

I learn, writing this opinion of me as a blog post is of use and value adding to the community.  So I write this mini blog post.

The discussion around this topic do exist since I started my career.  Maybe, it will continue as well.  And, that is not a problem.

The concern I see is, how these terms are being interpreted in the discussion. And, this discussion will continue for years to come.

I attempt to share my thoughts on how I look at these terms -- UAT and EUT.

Introspecting the Terms UAT and EUT

Here is how would I start to understand these terms and learn.  I use the approach "Replace and Interpret".  When I experienced difficulty and ambiguity in practice of subject and concept, this approach crossed my mind.  Today, I use it consistently in my Software Test Engineering practice.

For example, I see the below few on replacing the word "testing".

  • User Acceptance Automation
  • End User Automation
  • User Acceptance Driving
  • End User Driving
  • User Acceptance Singing
  • End User Singing
  • User Acceptance Programming
  • End User Programming
  • User Acceptance Vehicle
  • End User Vehicle
  • User Acceptance Utensils
  • End User Utensils

I can keep identifying such replacements. I try to learn by replacing the words, idea, thoughts, or what is seen as fit to replace.  Doing so, I see the differences in what it means in different contexts.  Isn't so?

Prior to understanding and learning these words, I learn and understand the thoughts of people who are using these words and the differences they see.  The learning of this difference helps me much than the difference of the two terms -- UAT and EUT.

I see, the discussion on this topic and words has not changed much since 15 years.

Today, in the time of 10 days sprint (or two weeks sprint), do someone have an opportunity with time to carry these -- UAT or/and EUT?  Which product/system get the space for the UAT or/and EUT?
We have to learn these terms (UAT & EUT) from that system/product's perspective rather learning as generalization in Software Engineering and Software Test Engineering.

Do not start and establish the discussion and understanding of these terms by associating it to Software Testing right away; and, then call it out as a [generic] activity of Software Test Engineering. 

Introspect these words from the perspective and context of the product/system you are testing.  Look out for its necessity and purpose of being executed.  If you see these two are different activities for a system/product's context, it has a purpose for being different activities in that context.

This is my thought and opinion on these terms for now.

To stop here, I see the "Testing" is common to both [of these words].

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