Thursday, October 8, 2020

Workshop Experience: Effective Problem Solving for Leaders and Managers


This writing is about my experience attending the workshop Problem Solving for Leaders and Managers by Ajay Balamurugadas, which was organized by Manu Mantra in HSR Layout, Bengaluru. I thank Ajay for the help and coordination he gave me to attend the workshop.


I'm not asked and paid by anyone to write the experience report for this workshop. I'm writing it to document -- my learning, reflection, and refraction I have in me on attending the workshop.

About the workshop

I know Gerald M. Weinberg and his team did the Problem Solving Leadership (PSL) workshop. I came to know about this workshop from fellow testers in the community and posts of Gerald M. Weinberg. Ajay had been to the USA for the PSL workshop.

I could not attend the first batch of Ajay's workshop. I requested Ajay to update me for the next workshop; he did update me. He helped me further to be part of the workshop.  

Attending the workshop, I learn, Ajay has got it to his style and context, and it is unique.  It was one day workshop

Ajay posted details of the workshop. Now, I had an opportunity to learn what it has and what I can make out of it.  

Why did I attend this workshop?

Here is why I wanted to attend this workshop:

  1. Learn from one who is applying what he has learned from the PSL workshop
  2. Learn the approaches he has in solving the problems
  3. Learn how one arrives at decision making
  4. How the trainer uses skill and benefits from it as a manager/leader?

What I made out of this workshop?

I wanted to listen and avoid talking unnecessarily. I was attentive in the workshop and observed what the trainer and fellow trainees shared. The workshop started with a problem in the training room. The whiteboard was not usable; using the projector was not going to serve, and the trainer had to come up with a way to start the workshop.

Ajay solved it! As a result, what the trainer wrote or shared was available as notes. My wife follows a similar approach when there is no whiteboard. The workshop started with a question -- "What is a problem?"

I share a few of my learning here:

  1. Problem Identification - CLOSE mnemonic
  2. Solutions to a problem
  3. Problem perspective, solving, and traps
  4. Team, situations, understanding people
  5. Models and tools to assist

My experience and learning

I like the way how Ajay handles himself in recent days. The how and why of it is evident to me now after attending his workshop. This workshop helped me to restructure my problem-solving models and approaches wherever needed.

There were new aspects that I did not know. I could pick and learn them from this workshop. I got what I was looking for from this workshop.

If you have never come across any session or mentor to assist in solving the problems, this workshop can be the first step.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Question on Quora: Debugging of "Login button not working"


I read a question in the Quora which said -- "We are manual testers and we are testing a login page, but the login button is not working. How can we debug that thing?". I found the phrase "not working" and that me attentive about it. The words as this make me curious and lead me to debug and learn. 

Also, I see this thought of me can help someone who is wanting to test in such cases. The phrase -- "... but the login button is not working." open up multiple possibilities of seeing what the person is saying, like:

  • The login functionality looks functional; but, the login button looks to be not functional?
  • How did one know about the broken login button?
  • More questions like this can cross the mind of a Test Engineer!

I have tried to put my thoughts in the below mindmap. I hope it will help someone who is looking for a start in similar context lines.