Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Maven For Software Test Engineers - 101


Why 101s?

In the initial days of my career, I looked and referred to multiple sources to understand the technology stack.  As I progressed, I looked for someone who can help me in understanding what I'm reading and to clarify the questions I witnessed.  The understanding of concepts took time when I actually started using it and especially when debugging.

Today, if I look at that, I ask myself

  • How can I make my learning experience a happy one?
  • How can I capture the fundamentals and have a smooth revision of it when in need?
  • What can I have for my reference when I'm implementing the fundamentals?
  • How can I increase the speed in which I do all these?
If seen, I want to help myself to be better and effective when solving a problem by implementing what I'm learning.

Maybe, other software test engineers too have same question.  Don't you?

I'm learning new stuffs, and also unlearning what I'm learning.  I create the 101s for myself.  I see the software testing community can also make use of these 101s that I'm building.

Why You Need Maven 101?

  • Today, it is a common sight that one quickly picks up a boilerplate code and run it
  • Especially with the software test engineers, who wants to start/practice automation
    • Pick a framework and run a command
    • Execute the program successfully
      • Or, get stuck in between and do not know why is that command
      • Or, see an error with that command and not sure what that command is doing
      • What is the difference between these commands and what does it do?
    • As this, one can get into different contexts where one gets trapped; not blocked
      • How to help self to navigate out from here?
      • I see this 101s can come to help

Anytime, you picked a Maven project and built it?  For example, a Selenium code written as a Maven project.  Do we know what Maven is and why the Maven project here?  And, what these different Maven command means and what it does?  For having this understanding, this Maven 101 comes to your help.

Maven for Software Test Engineers 101

I have my Maven 101 here.  I refer to this source when I revise my fundamentals.  This can be of help to you as well and also can be a start point.

This has helped me to understand the different build life cycles and how a Maven command is all about the plugins.

I have provided the Reference section which is also a credit that I give them for helping me to unlearn and learn better.

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