Monday, July 4, 2016

That's the common thing to happen! What is next?

The words "hang' and "crash" looks so attention grabbing!  I see these words grabs attention today as well but it does not retain the attention for longer time unless the someone is behind the programmer and tester for it seriously.

Gradually, I'm learning, the crash and hang are something very usual in software applications or hardware products.  Crash and hang are not cruel but it is an indicator of what is being missed to see. Like fever in human body is not a threat; but, it is an outcome of something that is not good in body and an indication.

I have to admit this honestly. I was so thrilled some years back when I happen to see the hang and crash. I use to say it hanged and people use to run for lab.  Unfortunately I was not in a state of mind to tell "that is okay, but what we have to looks is what made it hang or crash".   The hang or crash behavior is an outcome of an actual problem which was never learned by me, then. 

While I happened to practice the test investigation, I learn, hang is a symptom. I fetching as much as information from symptom to unlock the problem node, is the essential part of what I'm practicing now.

Today when fellow practicing testers come saying, "it got crashed", "it is hanged and unable to proceed" and as this, I say "It is a common thing to happen in software products.  Than writing this as a bug, go figure out what is making the product to fall into this state.  If you are not aware to learn that from test investigation, let us pair up and learn it."

Most times or all most every time, the symptom is reported as bug while the problem source is unattended by the engineering teams. Fixing symptom is easier so that symptom is not visible again. But the problem resides and it shows up something else as symptom and one more bug if identified this symptom.

Symptoms are trace backs to the problem source. Not stopping here is a good little small step for being better in test investigation skills.

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