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My Learning from Agile Testing Alliance's 12th Bengaluru Meetup

I attended Agile Testing Alliance's 12th Bengaluru Meetup hosted at Moolya Software Testing Pvt. Ltd., office on 25th March 2017. I got to know about this meetup from the Facebook share by Moolya and made my mind to be there. The audience in the meetup were software testers, Agile trainer or coach, and technical lead.

Below listed presentation came in time between 9:40 am IST to 12:50 pm IST
  • Welcome and introduction to Agile Testing Alliance, by Nishi Grover Garg
  • Challenges of Agile for a Manger, by Preeth Pandalay, Techno Agilist, Agile Coach & Trainer
  • Behavior Driven Development: What, Why & How - from a tester's perspective, by Vinay Krishna, Agile Technology Coach
  • Problem Solving Techniques: An attempt to apply ideas across disciplines, by Ajay Balamurugadas, Tyto Software
  • Creating 100 mindmaps in 1 minute, a demo by, Dharamalingam K, Moolya Software Testing Pvt. Ltd
  • Concluding the meetup and vote of thanks, by Nishi Grover Garag

Brief lines on presentations from my notes

I'm listing few points here out of my notes. It was engaging sessions and I had to make sure that I will listen, I make notes and tweet to people if any who were curious to know what's happening in the meetup.

Nishi Grover Garg : Introduction to ATA and welcome note
  • She introduced herself and shared about the Agile Testing Alliance and what it does
  • Said about the recent testing conference that was held i.e. GTR Pune 2017
  • Shared about the different certifications and the assistance from ATA

Preeth Pandalay : Challenges of Agile for a Manager
  • Started with management structure, management hierarchy and bureaucracy
  • Spoke about management in 21st century and in technology era
  • Shared his views on traditional structure of management and Agile management structure
  • From there, he spoke about traditional manager and Agile manager
  • Mentioned about the network based management and said it as organization structure 2.0
  • Then he said about Agile Team Cross Functional and mentioned Katrina Clokie's blog which speaks about this
  • With that he said, Agile team is self organized
  • He shared statistics of Agile helping to solve and deliver better
  • With the statistics walk through, he says, Agile works
  • Audience had question around -- "Management yet to getting adapted to Agile and teams are on Agile. How to solve this so team gets much more support?"

Vinay Krishna : BDD -- What, Why, How - a tester's perspective
  • Started by asking do you know what is BDD and then said it is another buzz word and jargon
  • Says, "in this era we all are programmers and need to write code; testing is a specialization now."
  • He said about the surprises that software development brings and highlighted on "assumptions" what people make in team
  • Started a group activity saying to draw start having 12 points and later he asked "why you did not ask questions but assumed?"
  • Says, bug + feature = beature
    • misunderstanding at all levels
    • lack of effective communication
    • difficulty in communication
    • lots of assumptions
  • Then he shared, BDD = shared understanding by discussing examples
  • Continuing his talk, he said, for start have at least three amigos -- Business Analyst, Programmer and Tester
  • Also says, it is useful if identified and used more than three amigos
  • Shared about how important a scenario and use of Gherkins
  • Mentioned on BDD framework saying,
    • Feature File
    • Step defintion (glue code) 
    • Actual implementation
  • Started another group activity and asked to identify the scenarios for a ATM transaction
  • He said to avoid UI tests with BDD
  • Shared few myths around BDD
    • BDD is automation of functional testing
    • Using Cucumber is BDD
    • BDD is replacement of functional testing
  • Took questions from audience around
    • Difference between unit testing and BDD
    • Around usefulness on BDD
    • Deriving the benefits of BDD in performance and security testing
    • Limitations of BDD

Ajay Balamurugadas : Problem Solving Techniques: An attempt to apply ideas across disciplines
  • Starts by asking, "How do you solve problem? Take a minute and let me know."
    • Audience started interacting
    • There were no slide and it was a white board and interactive session througout
  • Then he mentioned about a crisp definition for "what is problem?" of Jerry Weinberg
    • difference between expectation and reality
  • He mentioned about Problem Solving Leadership workshop by Jerry Weinberg
  • He says, "focus on things which can be controlled"
  • From here, he asked the audience to pick any one problem, so that he demonstrates how to solve it
    • The audience picked -- why less number of attendees to the meetup
    • He started to brainstorm around this problem while audience interactively shared their thoughts on how to solve it
    • Nishi Grover Garg, said this is useful and it will be used from the next upcoming meetup
  • Moving from here, he said about four techniques which can be used in solving the problem
    1. Attributes and Improvement
      • by, Robert P Crawford
      • Further with examples he said
        • identify the problem and list out the attributes of the problem
        • work on the improvement of the problem
        • If you miss out an imporant attribute, problem might not be solved
    2. Six Thinking Hats
      • by, Edwared de Bono
        • Mentioned about 6 different thinking hats -- White, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red
        • Briefed what each hats means and what they signify
        • He recommended to avoid using Black hat immediately after the use of Green hat
    3. Questioning
      • He said the importance of questioning
      • Mentioned about Osborn Questioning
    4. SCAMPER
      • A mnemonic
        • S - substitute
        • C - combine
        • A - adapt
        • M - magnify
        • P - put
        • E - eliminate
        • R - rearrange, reverse
  • Later he shared one more mnemonic which he made while on the way to meetup
      • P - perception
      • R - reasoning
      • O - opportunity
      • B - beware of assumptions & problems caused by solving the problems
      • L - lawfulness
      • E - exploratory
      • M - management
  • He took the questions from audience on the techniques and applying it

Dharamalingam K : Creating 100 mindmaps in 1 minute, a demo

  • Walked through swiftly on what is Mindmap and where it can be used
  • He shared about the problem what he and his team encountered when wanting to build a mindmap for a product's feature
  • Then, he said how he built the mindmap via Python program
  • He ran a quick demo which showed creation of mindmaps
  • He took the questions from audience
    • On mindmap
    • On the complexity and how to do this via programming

Nishi Grover Garg : Concluding the meetup and vote of thanks

  • She thanked the audience who made for the meetup
  • Said about the Agile Testing Alliance and benefits the people can get from ceritification

I took below to my desk from this meetup
  • How to handle myself in teams which claims to run on Agile
  • How to coordinate and deliver my best in the environment which claims to run on Agile
  • How to focus on my work irrespective of Agile or not Agile and assist fellow testers and stakeholders
  • Thoughts and questions around BDD apart from functional testing
    • A mind which says to explore on this
  • To focus on things which is in my control and where I can deliver
    • Do not take responsibility without having the authority
      • I repeated this to myself again
    • To read and build skills from below resources shared by Ajay
      • Attributes and Improve, by Robert P Crawford
      • Game Storming, by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo
      • To explore and use what I can to learn in the web --
Post meetup hours, was part of three interactive discussing sessions with Ajay and Pranav. I did learn discussing to Ajay and Pranav on fundamental topics of software testing, programming and practice.

Here is a pic from the meetup

Attendees of Agile Testing Alliance's 12th Bengaluru Meetup hosted at Moolya

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