Sunday, September 25, 2016


I was approached by my fellow Software Testing practitioners - Shristy and Suchismita for knowing and to have better structure for testing the IME - Input Method Editor.  On listening to their context of current practice and what they wanted to know by testing, I learned for first they need the essential design components of today's IME.

I had to make sure that, this learning is fair enough to start and from here they can assist themselves. On brainstorming together for few minutes, we learned, it is good for a start to have the key integral design components of IME. Have this, the testing can be channeled well in those areas as and how the context demands on priority.

Now we had listed down the IME design components fairly sufficing to start. What are the tests to be done on the app under the IME design components? It depends on the context of testing.  The testers here were able to identify the tests based on the context needs. But the challenge for them was -- knowing how to approach and categorize the IME app.  Now it is addressed with this IME Test Model, tester can help quickly to visualize and pick up the tests under the hood of respective design component of IME.

Credits are for Shristy and Suchismita for pairing up with me and in framing the mnemonic of this Test Model and categorization of it.  This can be referred and used for Android IME and iOS IME apps testing.

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