Sunday, January 3, 2016

Technical, how technical ?

"How technical I have to be here to test and understand what information is expected?" This question changes it's form based on Test Coverage expected for context of testing.

When I ask "what does technical mean here?", I help myself to learn what it is for the context of testing. Like the programmer learning technology to write the code for product, the manager identifying and practicing the new managerial skills required for managing the project, I see what has to be practiced technically for what I'm testing.

The 'Test Coverage' hints me what I have to approach and to what extent I have to navigate in the modeled map of system for testing it. Knowing this, it helps me to learn how skilled I should transform into so I can work along with the technology.

For example, if I had to test the Database System which is non relational, then how should I approach it? Apart data reflecting on commit what else do exist?  Say, the product I'm testing is on non relational database. How will I approach it now to test other than the data reflecting coverage? How technical I have to here now to test? What can I automate here and how? What is the area which requires focus of me than mere checks of automation coverage?

For a programmer, the programming skill is one which she or he practices each time. Apart from practicing programming, the programmer also practices coding for a technology by learning the specifics related to it. While doing this, the challenges come up in writing solution and fixing the problems observed. Likewise, to me for a tester, the testing skill is one aspect which has to be practiced everyday. Besides, I along with technology is also essential by practicing the technical perspectives required which supports and strengthen the testing.

Getting technical is not necessarily programming alone. The orientation of being technical has it's scope for testing. Each element of subject has its technicality.

In changing trend of the industry today, one being technical is becoming necessary as a day move to tomorrow. By reaching in time to market on solving the very appropriate problem of the people, it needs the blend of technical skills along with testing skills.

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