Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Getting Pythoned!

The tester in me keeps encouraging to learn, practice and test better each time. When I get that energy from the tester in me, he always said and tell, 'you need to assist your testing better and find the ways of helping yourself.'  I keep facing the challenges in the utilities I'm building to assist my testing; during this time, the voice of tester in me became very much prominent.

The aspiring interest of me is being skilled enough to program for helping my testing. Tester in me identified this area and kept saying to work on this with dedication. I have started my programming practice by selecting Python. While I'm doing this, I need a mentor for me. I have my friends who can help me very well here. But, I'm thinking of their context and practicing in silent mode from few months.

I'm reporting to tester in me, what did I do. 

  • I configured Eclipse Standard SDK Kepler Service R2 20140224-0627 with Python 2.7.6  interpreter
  • Configured PyDev Python plugin with Eclipse and created the workspace
  • I wrote a simple program with a function to accept value and process a defined constant. Executed the program to make sure the configuration of IDE functions

I wanted and want to practice Python programming using a text file i.e. Notepad. Doing so, it will help me to become aware of syntax, debugging and language specifics. Also, I had a wish to practice programming using Eclipse from long time. Hence I started to use Eclipse for my Python programming practice. I'm enjoying, while I test the program I write.

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