Saturday, May 24, 2014

Functional Interoperability Tests for Image Uploading in Greenshot with Imgur

Interoperability, that exists everywhere where the data or information is exchanged or interpreted is an interesting area which does not get identified usually. Software applications also have this area in them. The communication and exchange of data between two components of same system or of different system is challenging from different perspectives.

The challenge lists keeps growing as I continue to learn about it. The primary challenge what I have seen so far in my practice is, not understanding and knowing that there is a communication here to accomplish and how it is being communicated and translated in each request and response. For example, how does the command 'netstat' or 'tracert' or 'ping' functions in MS DOS and produces the information which is requested? How does the horn button when pressed in the bike or car produces the sound?

That beautiful is the interoperability is and most times it is not considered for study in the daily software testing practice. In this blog post, I'm sharing the functional interoperability test which Bhavana and myself practiced for Greenshot and Imgur to upload the captured image.  The context framed in this session notes is an assumption which I framed out for testing practice. 

Covering the Imgur API limitations and rules, is one of the interesting part of this testing. Likewise, we understood how the API limitations can cause confusion at UI level and functionality. The report can be found here.

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