Saturday, February 15, 2014

Plan to Digg and Explore the Digg Reader

I picked up this exercise posted by Weekend Testing Australia New Zealand (@WTANZ_) in Weekend Testing (@weekendtesting) on 14th Sep 2013.

The mission given to tester in this practice session is as below.

Create a test plan for and assume you were asked to test the new Digg Reader product. However the catch is: you only have 1 week to test the whole thing. If you only had one week to test the entire product, what would you test?

I had to understand what was the condition of Digg Reader product to proceed further considering the constraint of one week time. On studying what are the changes and risky areas in Digg Reader for that day's version, I came up with master strategy and initial plan to test the product. However, the strategy and plan keeps evolving as I test.

Looking at the context of product and testing need, I feel the functionality needed the tests to start and cover the other tests spanning to different quality criteria. This report is my session notes having the Test Plan for the given mission.

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