Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why am I unlearning?

To be right I should say "Why should I unlearn?" It's time to analyze and evaluate my skills, learning and mistakes for which I have been accounting so far. Thinking how I can prove myself that my learning is incorrect or not relevant, started to ask questions for myself. These questions showed what all I have learned are just without an appropriate base. I was not convinced with my answers for questions I asked myself. Realized I never worked enough for having elementary things.

OK. What did I learn then? I did not learn much or anything. Just did mistakes every time. I tried not to redo the same mistakes. Unconsciously I was learning here and did not evaluate well enough what I was learning from those mistakes. These mistakes helped me as sign boards for going ahead. Interestingly, these sign boards took me in direction which was awing. Fortunately found few on this way and hardly shared or debated their thoughts. Instead I kept arguing myself on what they thought and did. To be in short, did not learn much in right way. Discovered again, I am a slow person.

Why I did not learn? Still that question haunts me. I have learned lessons now, what happens if I do not learn. What will I be doing now? I'm working on which I do not have by reconstructing my learning model. Why did I write this? I will like to see this as a source that identify problems in me and use it to help myself in solving the problems.

What can happen now? I want to be an informative tester and believe can be. Will take my time and does not want myself to be influenced by any other factors, no matter how late I'm. Anything I want to ask for myself? Yes. How do I know I'm learning? Proving each time I was not very useful to me last time. Anything left? Will update myself very soon and look at my responses.


  1. Hi Ravisuriya,
    I really like the way you have done self criticism :) everyone should play a role to do some extent of self criticism, evaluate own ability and identify inadequate areas, which will help to get a better accomplishment sooner or later....keep developing :)

    - Selim

  2. @Selim

    I agree with your words.



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