Tuesday, January 26, 2010

AutonomyV -- Open Source Web Test Automation Tool

Searching for open source test automation tool found AutonomyV among other available. I helped my testing with this tool for automating most repetitive actions in few sessions. Using it was simple for record, modifying script to need level and use the recorded actions in VBScript. Tool can be downloaded from here.

Few limitations of AutonomyV as per my learning for now:
  • Can be used with Internet Explorer only. I made use of this tool with IE7.
  • It supports limited browser objects -- edits, text areas, buttons, check-box, radio button, web links, web images and web lists.
  • While executing the script, the IE window opened will not be maximized. To over come this modified the AutonomyLib.vbs file.
  • Need to execute individual script for each instance of automated actions.

PDF documents "AutonomyV Users Guide.pdf" and "AutonomyV Samples Guide.pdf" available with tool and useful.

A sample VBScript for automating user actions on Mercury Tours demo website is here. And MS Excel file from which data is read can be found here.

Note: Credits to AutonomyV team and Mercury Tours demo website.

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