Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What More Can I See Here in this dialog?

Being inspired by the blog "Is There A Problem Here?" I am collecting the information that questions me. My credits to person and people who came with the idea and also to the contributing members and team members of blog 'Is There A Problem Here?'

I ask myself "What More Can I See Here?" always while learning any model and system. It helps me in learning by identifying the information and my mistakes. The below MS Power Point Show has the dialogs that can have possibly confusing information when displayed.

The dialog and its message(s) might be helpful to an user, if the displayed error or warning or an informative or pop up dialog has:
  • message which can be understandable by the user,
  • relevant application and machine details in that context,
  • an option that can help to collect the needful data or logs from the model to know the cause of the witnessed behavior, and
  • an option to intimate the support crew along with contact information of the person who can help the user.

Ben Simo's FAILURE heuristic can be found here and here too.

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