Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hot and live. Possible bugs?

The below written behavior and observations were observed and inferred from hotmail.

In the context, a user has forgot her or his Windows Live ID's password and has entered incorrect alternate email-id while registering for the email-id. What shall the user do?

In this scenario, there is a context that can show a possible bug. And the same can be an advantage to the user in the different context. Sure there will be more than these two scenarios, since a tester can make a model to fail for what it is intended to do in more than one ways and similarly can make the model to pass for what it is intended to do in more than one ways.

Context-1 and problem: The user has forgot the password of her or his Windows Live ID. And has entered incorrect alternate email-id while registering for the email-id.

The user has not yet set any question and secret answer that might get help in resetting password nor did not know that she or he entered the incorrect alternate email-id. How the user can reset the password now using the page being viewed?

Clicked on hypertext 'Forgot your password?' Navigated to the page where a password can be reset. Entering the email-id (whose password has been forgot) and characters, which appears similar to CAPTCHA, took to the page that displayed a text "Reset your password"-- which appeared to be by black-in-color. It had two options with radio button for sending instructions to, reset the password. And, the options were the email-id for which the password is forgotten and the other was the alternate email-id.

Now, in this context scenario, user has entered the incorrect alternate email-id and also has forgotten the password of the Windows Live ID such that she or he cannot sign in to the email account to view the instructions of resetting the password. What shall the user do now? Should she or he need to create a new email-id again? Or if there is any other way to reset the password, won't it be time consuming for the user to spend her or his time in search of ways to reset the password? Is this a bug?

If entered this URL --, will show a page with title 'Sign In'. Clicking on hypertext 'Forgot your password?' will navigate to page with title 'Credential Management', Entering the email-id for which the password needs to be reset and the characters that appears in the image, will show a message text message as in below snap. What should the user do now?

Picture: message telling unable to reset the password.

Context-2: The user knows the password and wants to reset the password. But don't know how to reset the password once signed in to the email-id account. She or he uses this feature to reset the password, though the entered alternate email-id is correct or incorrect (until the alternate email-id option is not chosen).

On selecting radio button -- email-id (Windows Live ID) for which the password to be reset, and clicking on button continue appears like the instructions for resetting password is sent to the email-id (Windows Live ID) for which the password is to be reset. If chosen an alternate email-id, then the instructions will be sent to it.

Here the same page and options act as problem and also as a solution to a kind of problem to the user. The above advocated context's can be observed here.

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