Saturday, June 27, 2009

Longest twitter with no space, appears like it has no contents in it!

Below are the images of twitter messages by Pradeep Soundararajan. And I have subscribed the RSS feeds of @testertested and I read them in Google Reader.


picture-1 and picture-2: twitter message that looked like it had nothing in it.

picture-3: twitter message with no spaces between the words

picture-4picture-4: twitter message with no spaces between the words and has 140 characters.

While looking at the twitters of @testertested in my Google Reader account, I was surprised to see the empty twitter message. But I knew there is something here and said my self, "Pradeep Soundararajan would have explored something here too.".

I could not wait with my curiosity. Clicking on the so appeared empty twitter message area, showed the twittered message which had 140 characters with no spaces between the words.

The button 'Update' used to update our twitter message in twitter, will not be enabled to submit our twittering once our twitter message exceeds 140 characters, irrespective whether it has spaces or not.

Question that I have is, "Why I am not able to see the twittered message in the Google Reader, though it had message in it?"

What more can I see here? Is there a problem here? Is it a bug? Is it a feature? What should a subscribed reader for the feeds should think and infer in a scenario's context -- when she or he gets an illusion of no message though it has a message which is not displayed as in picture-1 and picture-2 , when looking at it for the first time?

What ever it might be, I am finding information from this behavior. Investigation report of this behavior is here.

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