Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tester finds information on the bill receipt.

I found the information on the bill receipts which I got to my hands for looking it. Below are the snaps of those bill receipts.

Picture: Bill Receipt-1

Bill Receipt-1:

Printed characters on the 'Bill Receipt-1' were bit hard to make it out, as 'M' and 'N' appears to be same on the printed receipt. Apart from this, it has other information, which can be inferred from the snap 'Bill Receipt-1'.
  • If 111/1 is a shop number, what does '&2' and 'Address4' mean?
  • What and which single scoop? 'Reg' means registry or register or regular or something else?
  • 'Amount Tendered' and 'Return Change' by whom and is that both by the same person?
  • 'Flavour of Month' and 'Offer of Month' why not printed bill? Is it communicated by any other means, before getting the bill by paying the money to have the being bought? If not communicated then does this bring the value to the customer?
  • How to dial 'Footer4' for home delivery?

Picture: Bill Receipt-2

Bill Receipt-2:

The printed word on the 'Bill Receipt-2' tells "Estimate".
  • Why should a customer pay the estimate amount, which can be less than what she or he purchased or why should a customer need to pay the estimated amount, which can be more than what she or he purchased?
  • Why MRP is not printed? What does '*' mean? Is that person name is 'star' to say in the common man language or how does the common man language interpret that? Or '*' mean anyone who gets that bill or everyone who gets that bill?


  1. This is the best post on your blog so far.

    However, I am not sure why you title bad. It might have been good if you had titles this as "Questioning things that usually aren't observed"

    or maybe, "Discovering problems by observing and questioning".

    An irritating thing about your writing is you write, "A tester(myself) found something blah blah" and not sure why you can't directly say, "I found something blah blah".

    Once again, this post is the best so far on your blog in terms of the value.

  2. Pradeep,

    I cannot give anything for your encouragement, motivation, inspiration, words, support, teachings and help that is being showered on me. But, in return I will give my learning's progress for you always.

    Yes, I thought of several title by writing them in my book and I choose this title. I have to improvise myself on this skill. I will do it. I will learn, work, practice and improve consistently.

    Thanks for your valuable comment.


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