Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is it a Countdown or Stopwatch?

The clock that appears to be as digital on the web page of Sunfeast World 10K Bangalore - Indiatimes, shows the clock ticking out on reaching the zero too.

It appeared as a countdown watch when looked at it before the marathon event started, which had a statement next to the clock as "to go to The World's Premier 10K Run on 31st May 2009".

Now the date and time is 31st May 2009, 10 minutes past 6 PM. And, the wonderful marathon event was today morning.

Looking at the clock that is being displayed and ticking ahead, it puts a question, is it a:
  • Countdown clock -- that has set to zero by counting down number of days, hours, minutes and seconds for the marathon to go. And started counting again ahead of zero, on setting itself to zero?
  • Stopwatch clock -- after setting the time to zero and has started to tick ahead. Is this a countdown or stopwatch? Or earlier it was a countdown watch and now is it a stopwatch? But for what it is ticking ahead?

When observed and inferred the message "to go to The World's Premier 10K Run on 31st May 2009" next to this time which appears to be as stopwatch counter i.e., at 12 minutes past 6 PM on 31st May 2009 after the event got completed successfully, it confuses and makes a questions sparked in the viewer and reader of that clock and message asking "Marathon is yet to start again?" But after a minute seeing the time that got ahead by one minute in the being displayed and so appeared as digital clock, sparks one more question "I saw just now one minute less than what I am seeing now. When is the World 10K marathon then?".

But, the Sunfeast World 10K Bangalore marathon on 31st May 2009 was a wonderful and memorable event.

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