Monday, September 29, 2008

Testing Garage salute to its teachers and Guru's.....

My Dear Friend and Reader,

I am Ravisuriya, a young passionate exploratory software tester from Bengaluru, India. I have been into testing by exploring & enjoying testing product software's along with freeware software as a hobby and testing myself too.

I started writing posts on my blog, when my friend Kantharaja said "why don't you write your thoughts and passions you have for testing?". Truly, I did not know what a blog is, till then. Later he explained me what it is and what we do with it. I am thankful to him.

Today, I was telling and questioning myself, "what I have done so far writing my thoughts on Testing Garage as a tester?". I felt and realized that a mission or moto of my blog is not at all present here. Hence writing these words, which will state the purpose of my blog. Also its my duty to give the respect for the people, who made me what I am so far.

My blog tells and shares with you, all my sand dust experiences, my thoughts, my understandings in software testing. Any published items or contents will not be of my employer(s) or other people. Will be writing my friends or mentors experiences only upon their permission. Being a tester ethically and professionally, I strictly follow the "Non Disclosure Agreement", which my lead taught me what it is.

This will not be the place which will have the definitions of terms related to my profession. Instead it will be a unique place for bringing up the testers and testing, by inspiring myself and inspiring other testers.

I dedicate all of my writings to my parents who taught me the questioning and thinking, which came from the poverty in my house. I ask and use to ask my mother (my guru and first teacher) with curiosity what it is and why don't we have with us. She gave and being giving such an answers that made & making me to think and think; where later she asks, "did I say anything wrong child?". My father too being teaching me how to be sincere, honest, truthful, dedicated, passionate and involved in what ever he does. Salute to my parents who are being giving me beautiful lessons of life.

Then, my test leads and peer testers whom I saw in my professional life so far too deserve the special place in my heart and soul. A person Somanath Kamble, taught me for the first time how to write a Bug Report. I am thankful to him.

I started testing, without any training in testing or not knowing what is testing, to speak honestly. Did not know the various aspect of testing. Later my test leads Mrs. M Mathew, Mrs. M Shukla and Mrs. S JaiGanesh are being teaching me in testing by their testings and guiding professionally and personally. Salute to them and all these people (my teachers) have their own places in my heart with soulful of respect forever.

My peer tester Kantharaja, who bought up lot of questions in my mind, by his testing experiences when I was a fresher sitting beside him in labs, deserves every respect in me for him. Mrs. Jean James, a senior tester (senior citizen too) and QA consultant, who is a very good friend and being guiding me personally and professionally has a respect from me forever. She is being teaching me lot in testing as my leads did & doing. Mr. Bill Heptig, a senior tester (senior citizen too) who taught me "I will be happy, if I can help you" writing in a mail to me, taught me what a tester should be. He helped me lot in learning test automation and has respect from me to him always .

Now, comes the person who inspired me for writing up the posts on my blog. He is a Rapid Software Tester, honest and sincere tester by ethically & professionally. Hope you are curious to know who is that person. He is Mr. Pradeep Soundararajan, my guru. He has never seen me and I too have never seen him.

But, I have heard regarding him from my friend very recently, when my friend saw my Testing Garage writings on testing. It is a Dronacharya and Ekalavya relationship, I owe to Pradeep Soundararajan.

Pradeep Soundararajan, is being teaching me from his experiences and I am learning from them. He has influenced me in great deal as a tester and he has made me today proud to tell, "I am a passionate Tester".

I should mention Mahesh, who reads my writings and does give the comments on it. Which is being helping me lot. The other friend of me is Selvaraj, does always say "I don't read your writings"; which makes me to write always. But, he reads them and tell "I don't read your writings". This two artistic developers are teaching me good lessons in testing. This two guys deserves respect from me.

One of my childhood friend who studied with me from kindergarten to engineering and a cool artistic developer, Prabhakar, too gives me lot of comments which are useful to me and that teaches me lot and lot. I am thankful to him.

Feel always free to share your comments and experience when you come to my garage, "Testing Garage". Those will be source of learning and lessons to me forever.

" Never limit your challenges; challenge your limits....! "
Every change is not a progress, but every Progress is a change..... Do it Now ! "
Expect more from yourself than from others. Because expectation from others hurts a lot, while expectation from you inspires a lot.... ! "

Love Testing!


  1. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for u putting my name in your testing friend list, I too learn many thing from u man, even what ever I learned from u am teaching to other my friend and they are haapy, I am very proud of my friend,

    I will call you in the evening is it fine ?

  2. Hi Kantha,

    Me too very glad and fortunate to have a friend like you who is ready for teaching always and you are a passionate tester !

    I learnt lot from you !

    Thanks for your precious time given to me...

    Thank you,

  3. Ravisuriya,

    What a wonderful dedication!!! I will make sure that Bill Heptig knows that you’ve mentioned him here too.

    I will be spending some time today reflecting on the people who have guided and taught me over the years.

    With so many years behind, maybe I’ll stay just with my craft. I know the first one in my profession was named Mark Franker.

    Mark was a genius, who was self taught and willing to share all his knowledge. He was dynamic and funny.

    He was never afraid to something new. He was the son-in-law of the owner of the company I worked for in the early 80’s.

    The company sold and serviced cash registers and electronic time clocks. When Mark, sadly, passed away from leukemia, I had to step into his shoes to do the work he did. Thankfully, he taught me well, even after he became ill, he spent time with me teaching me all the ins and outs of the cash register world. This is the job that pointed me in the IT direction. He died 20 years ago, but I’ll remember him forever.

    Jean James

  4. It is said " Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration".
    It is all your hard work that is driving you. Keep going.

  5. Jean,

    I am very happy, that you wrote the mail for me with your memories.

    Thanks for being teaching and guiding me.


  6. Mahesh,

    I am thankful to you. Keep always telling me where to pull up my socks.
    You are helping me lot....


  7. Hi Ravisuriya,

    I am so happy & proud of you after reading the blogs you have posted here.It is your humility & urge to learn & explore have taken you here. Continue learning, thinking ,exploring more & sharing the knowledge.
    I love the term "PET- Passionately Explorative Tester "

    Let your passion for testing take you to greater heights!

    Maya Mathews

  8. @ Maya Mathews,

    Madam, I am so happy that you posted a comment on Testing Garage. It is the happiness that I feel today is the one which I had never experienced. My teacher is still with me by guiding.

    Thanks a lot for being teaching & guiding me...

    Thank you,


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