Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When "Communication" is Overseen!

I got a call from one of my friend. I could see my friend being disturbed from last few weeks. I listened and did not share anything as I know that person is going through his times and let that be discharged.

All I asked was,
  • What makes you feel it that way?
  • How it makes you feel?
  • It's completely okay to be in state what you are, not a concern at all. See how you can hold that in your hands and just say you are done with it and pick something else. Tell me how will you do that once you feel you are doing it.
Being a friend and a senior to my practitioner friends, I feel, it is my responsibility to be with them, when I strongly think I should be there and assist.  

Shockingly, I heard, that friend was asked to take salary cut quoting "you are bad at communication; to help you improve we are deducting your salary and pay 30.x % of your salary". Is this a communication of an organisation or a leadership team or staff?  

I feel, I have no rights to speak about the organisation or about those people in leadership team.  I asked my friend, "are you not happy with your salary cut?". My friend said, "salary cut is not a problem at all. But how they gave me hike saying you are a bright employee and your hard work deserves it; now after two months I'm said you are not doing good in communication though you are brilliant in work and we want to deduct your salary for this reason."

Further my friend said, "this is making me feel more hurt and I'm unable to sleep and can't focus on practice."  He was one of the practitioner, who practiced on self with no much help and solved the problems that came up while practicing.

See what a communication of an organisation has done to a bright and talented practitioner! Making a bright talented employee to go into depression state is one of worst communication of an organisation and leadership team, is what I feel. 

My point of writing here is assisting a friend and not the organisation or that leadership team.  If that organisation and leadership team did that, they will continue to do that each time in new versions. Something like the bug fixed is fixed in a way but it is dormant in many other ways which is unknown and it is experienced at one fine time. 

All I wish to request for who wants to build an organisation and who wants to get into management leadership team is, understand communication if you are trying to emphasise on communication. Lead by example and not by the words of English. Do not mistake English or words of English as communication. The words are not communication! English is not communication! The body language is not communication, it is one of the out come and assisting factors of communication.  I see people joining organisation because of leadership team and their vision and I have seen people moving out of an organisation because of leadership team and communication of them.

Listen to your friends who practices along with you! It is mark of a team work and do best what you can. If the best is just listening patiently, do it and help your practitioner friend to discharge that emotions. The discharge time of emotions varies person to person, and all they need is that personal touch and feel of they are valued and listened.  That said, one should know how to pull it out collaboratively and emphatically.  I believe in it today, and I practice it.  I just don't assist technically but I do assist with personal touch.  My people are one of my strength when we want to accomplish the goal and set a new one!

The organisation is a HOPE.  The leadership team is the wings of the HOPE. The employees are the body to which the wings are binded.  The journey all together is the vision and mission of an organisation i.e. enabling the HOPE.

If something is not right with wings or hope or body, there is something fundamentally wrong which has to be fixed, before addressing anything else.

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  1. If the question is how do you believe what your friend say, I believe it because I trust the people with whom I practice.


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