Saturday, March 25, 2017

Testing for Web Performance: Why I want to share ?

I was practicing with a fellow tester and he expressed that he wants to practice performance testing. I too have that wish i.e. to practice performance engineering and testing. I try to find the opportunity each time to practice this and look out for fellow testers and mentors who can assist me here. However I do not wait for mentor now though I want one. Instead I will start my practice and I learn from my practice as I practice.

May be, as me there could be other testers who wants to practice the performance testing. I wish to share my learning and practice here, in the simplest and short way.  

I have heard Rahul Verma saying, "replace the word 'performance' with the word 'capability', when you hear a word performance". I feel, it makes more appropriate and meaningful to look it as a 'capability' when said 'performance'.

With the label 'Web Performance', I will share what I'm learning, practicing and thinking for web performance in last few years. When said, 'web', it is not just the website; it is the web that connects different interconnected systems. I will be sharing my learning on one aspect of web which is connected and communicating via HTTP protocol.

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