Monday, March 13, 2017

Disclaimers for the blog posts under this label - "Testing and Conferences"

I want to start writing on what I feel, and what I took back from attending a conference.  I attend conferences that is oriented majorly towards Software Testing and also on programming.  I ask to myself, "Why I'm not sharing to organizers about the experience I had attending the conference as a audience or presenter?"  Never I shared though I filled or wrote the feedback form if given during the end of conference or end of the day in a conference.

I'm not sure if I will be hated, or (and) opposed, or (and) seen as unusual for what I share. But when I share, I do with honesty and seeking the good for me and for all practicing software testers from each one of us; that includes me as well.  With this, I want to keep this post as disclaimer or pointers where one has to read if she or he has different thoughts for what I share in the successive blog posts under this label.

I want to convey the below points in list of disclaimers
  • Opinions or experience I share under this blog label are my own. It has nothing do with others. I will be solely responsible for what I say here.
  • I do not mean to downgrade or oppose or pull down the fame and legacy of any forum or association or group or practitioners. Instead, I wish to be a honest tester who shares what I feel in respect for the efforts the group has put in making a conference for software tester.
  • I do not intended to speak about any speakers or presenters in conference. It is a skill to present to the audience and I admire it and I want to be better and grow here. If one is coming up on to the stage and presenting, she or he has to be encouraged and I'm one such encourager with empathy.
  • I never talk on a person i.e. individual nor on their experience or work. If I did so, I will be too bad for doing it.  Rather, I will share what I felt as overall when I want to carry back from conference to my desk to implement in my practice.
  • My sharing will be to the conference organizers, panel who sets up theme or topics on which to be presented to audience. If the conference audience observe my thoughts are relevant, I would not be surprised. I speak from my tester perspective who is hands-on in her or his job.
  • Organizing a conference or a talk is not a simple job. I know the efforts it takes. The posts never point on that efforts. But, I will share what was beneficial and what would have been beneficial to me or testers similar to me and to people who wants to see value out of testing team.
  • From the of the blog post under this label, I will share what could have been done to reach the testers as me so that I could go back to desk and implement or try an exploration based out of the shared thought or theme in conference.
Note: I keep updating these disclaimer pointers as I learn.

At any time if you think, I'm doing wrong or have misunderstood, please do feel free for conveying it to me. My email id is ravisuriya1 at gmail dot com.  I'm human and I'm fallible, yet I want to be better each time; if you happen to assist me to do it, I will be thankful to you.

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