Sunday, October 2, 2016

API Testing -- Did you come across these questions?

Do you test API? What tools you use to test API? Hey, you also test the REST APIs? Automate and run the suite that is sufficient to APIs, isn't it? Have you asked any of these questions? Other person have asked you any of these questions? Or, you heard such conversations?

I will share my learning what I'm making by testing the APIs. Use the label "APIs"in this blog for finding related posts to it.

When I hear above said question, the first question that I ask is, "What do you want to accomplish and know by testing the APIs which you are talking about?".  I see no response coming back most times. Yes, we all use APIs! And, we will continue to use! What is that I want to know from testing the APIs?  How do I test? Why at all I have to test for APIs?

I got notification on my mobile phone from the app I have installed?  The APIs helped to receive that notification.  Did I see the stock market's number updating on my desktop or mobile app? That was with the help of APIs. Do I see anyone monitoring the health and fitness with the wearable device and then transferring that data to mobile or desktop? That happened with help of the API.

In the next post, I will be writing the below mentioned.

  • What is an API ?
  • The types of API
  • REST architectural design for the Web

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