Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Test Design being guided by the Test Strategy

In this post, this image looks to have too much structures around it.  But, it is not. It is very simple one as I see it.  It is simple when I happen to understand the Test Strategy and what is the help out of it.  Having said this, why is that simple, because, it is from the fundamentals and nothing else.

If I understand, Test Strategy is set of ideas which directs my test ideas and test execution, then the test strategy has influence on Test Design.  Where the test design consists of these elements necessarily within it and it is as below.

  1. Test Model
  2. Knowing the Oracle
  3. Knowing what is my Test Coverage
  4. How do I operate my tests and execution of it.
The below picture says the same in the equating form.

The same applies when I have to figure out how to approach the automation for assisting my testing. I use this and when it requires a change in the context, I will do it accordingly and try to get most out of it.

Update (on 23rd Aug 2016):  I unlearn and learn the equation represented as this is more meaningful:
Test Strategy = { Ideas <--> Test Design + Test Execution}

As the test design and test execution in turn helps the ideas to evolve better as the testing progresses.

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