Thursday, December 4, 2014

Design Thinking and the UX: Compliments Each Other Parallely

Today morning, I was discussing with my friend. She asked, "Why is Design Thinking is being heard so much nowadays along with UX? I think it is testing practice, what you say?"

There is a common notion which I understand. Or probably, I get this one notion when I happen to learn by discussion and questioning with practicing programmers and testers. That is, Design Thinking is same as UX. I feel, in a very superficial layer it may appear to be so. But when I happen to digg around it, it is the two independent thoughts which exist to compliment each other. If they do not compliment, then it is more likely that there is a miss match in learning about the "Problem Learning" and designing the solution for it, which is the Design Thinking.

From this Design Thinking, I get to a solution which could be a Software Product. And now comes the UX in every other aspects here, right from the stage of Design Thinking to supporting the users in using the solution. This do not apply just for the Software Industry; it is also applicable where the problem is being learned and the solution is designed for it. It can be in Government which wants to open the Public Center as well.

I believe, the programming perspective is very important to tester. When I say this, I don't enforce it; but the perspective and practicing it, will help the tester surely and it will change the Testing perspective in terms of approaching. As this, I believe, the Design Thinking and UX practicing is also important. Because it is a solution which is places by saying this is the problem and it is solved by this and in this way.

To illustrate more on this,
  • Design Thinking about the tests to be brought into the testing
  • Design Thinking about the piece of program to be written for solving a problem
  • Design Thinking by Project Manager and team how to execute the project with available cost and value
These are probably day to day example in Software Industry. Likewise, each field has got its own way of identifying this. How the mother or wife or husband maintains the house with available budget by take care of each other in family? That is Design Thinking and each others in family will feel the experiences out of it.
It existed since long time when the race started to think about solving the problem and bringing in the solution. May be it is getting improvised and evolving with systems in meta system and the contexts around it by names or terms as this. Thus, emerging as an individual field of study.
To go ahead and trying to find the relativity, today the industries think about Customer Experience, yes not the User Experience; it is Customer Experience. All is same, just the targeted group is of different mindset and intent. Okay, going back into relativity, each small shop on the streets and pavements want to retain their customer while think about getting in more customers. Each news paper wants to retain their readers and they undergo and underwent changes. The politicians wants to retain their supporters. How?  They want to device the experience for their customers or targeted audience. This is possible when each and everyone in the organization or system, make the consistent attempt to get the design thinking thought what they want to accomplish and give out to intended audience. This is not the job of of just one who is seen as the big cheque or payment or share receiver in the company. It is the job of every other in company or system, who is seen as/assumed as/believed to be as big cheque or payment or share receiver to meager payment or cheque receiver.

I know how the programming perspective adds the value to tester, there is need now for every one another in a unit to practice Design Thinking and User Experience. Because, it is our solution that we sell as problem selling. Couple of month back, I was talking to my friends with whom I worked and few are from Sales and Marketing team. The sales and marketing team, wanted to know about the Design Thinking and User Experience, so they can incorporate right from the time sales approach when they happen to to approach the potential and actual problem holders, for selling the solution or the services.

As a company or service provider be it grocery or software solution provider or anything that expects the return value from service seeker, the innovation happens each and every time to retain at least the existing band and may be acquiring the targeted band also. If this is not considered i.e. Design Thinking and UX, then we may be learning problem but not actually in a way where we can see much more quick perspectives in the quick time.

You have your Visiting or Business Card or got the pamphlet printed? What it is? It is a product out of a Design Thinking to solve a problem (or may be create more problems out of it). Yes, it is a product of out of the Design Thinking. How the user receives it is just one aspect of the UX.

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