Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weekend Testing 28 -- Test and Experience Report

Mission: There are three tasks to be completed today. Time Duration: 1 hour.

Task 1:
Complete the game:
Objective: Send the screenshot where the picture is built right.

Task 2:
Score 90 points in the game:
Send the screenshot. Checkpoints: URL of the game, IQ Score, "Your solution is right, congratulations! (+10 points)"

Task 3:
Score 50 points in the game.
Objective: Send the screenshotscreenshot. Checkpoints: URL of the game, IQ Score, "Your answer xx is right, congratulations! (+10 points)"

Date: 13th March 2010, 3:20 PM IST
Machine: Windows SP3
Browser: Firefox 3.5.8
Tester: Ravisuriya

Context: Tester was given mission of playing the game in 60 minutes. Power cut for about 15 minutes before starting the mission tasks. Power came back and had 40 minutes remaining to complete session. Saw testers asking questions to facilitator about the mission and tasks. Started by taking up first task.

To Deliver:
  1. Screenshot of picture built right from Dragger.
  2. Screenshot of score 90, URL and sentence that tells you have scored 10 points from Memocoly game.
  3. Screenshot of score 50, URL and sentence that tells you have scored 10 points from NumberHunt game.

The mission was of confusion to me as it said "complete the game", "Score 50 points" and "Score 90 points". It did not tell why I should score just 50 and 90 points or more. Procedure if any to adhere while playing the games was not mentioned. During the power cut, tried to understand the mission.

  • Looking at the game description in mission statement, I thought it would be time limited.
  • Tools can be of help here for to accomplish the mission.

Tools that helped me more to accomplish mission:
  • White paper and Pencil.


Task-1) Dragger:

Browsing through the URL given in the mission found jumbled piece of an image. I tried clicking button ‘Refresh’ to find any simple image that I can think of to arrange quickly. Found one jumbled picture that is easy one for me and completed the mission-1.

There was no restriction that these particular image pieces needs to be put in right frame. I thought it was an opportunity for me to choose picture of my interest.

Task-2) Memocoly:

For first couple of tries kept looking at the screen with attention diverted no where. But, this made my eyes strain with no spectacles. I keep the brightness and contrast of being viewed monitor to less than 50. I felt this could affect if I fail to recognize as what color they were. Thinking of how to over come, I devised to use numbering system of regions.

Mental Modeling of 4 parts of a geometric shape that appeared as square:
  • Labeled each section as 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Later wrote the numbers on the sheet as per the region of square blinked.
  • Then clicked on those regions based on the numbers I wrote.
  • This helped me to complete the mission in good time.

Task-3) NumberHunt:
  • Used Microsoft calculator to calculate the displayed numbers.
  • This helped me to complete the game-3 bit quicker.

Finally was able to accomplish the mission i.e., to complete three tasks. Among few strategies I wrote for completing the tasks, I used the strategy of using the tool to accomplish mission. The discussion session had interesting discussion and chat transcript can be found here. Facilitator came up with interesting thought for discussion on Weekend Testing forum. The discussion topic title was -- "we are testers (who plan to meet the mission) or testers (who aim to improve our skills)" My report of three tasks as PDF document is here.

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