Friday, January 4, 2008

Testing Garage

I am Ravisuriya, a tester, a passionate tester.

I had desire to join testing job while I was at University course. My friends at University course said testing is no job. You won’t earn and get promoted as one who writes programming languages code. Met few people of other Universities and heard new revision of same lyrics with new compiled music to it.

Still I did not lose interest in testing. While studying University course, completed my internship in one of Indian defense organization unit. I chose testing out of my interest here by writing needy programming code for my work.

Completed university course and began to look for job. No job for exactly one year from seeing my University results. Mean while I had given interview for Java programmer position. I was shortlisted in programming test. Attended couple of interview rounds where I was asked to test and debug the Java code I wrote. Engineering Manager and Project Manager was happy with the way I tested my own code in 4th round of an interview.

The employer also had opening for experienced testers. I was said about this; but I was with no industry experience. This was an opportunity to work as a tester and I did not want to lose it. And I got my first job in role of Tester for my passion. I was said to read ‘Effective Methods for Software Testing’ for two days. I did not complete reading that book. Third day into testing a product and still I respect the people who provided me an opportunity to be a Tester.

I met Santhi K, Kantharaja MP and Jean James while I am testing now for my first employer. These three people have influenced my testing highly. I respect them. Kantharaja MP showed me the blog, which I did not know and asked me to blog about my testing mistakes. And so Testing Garage and this post now.

Me and Kantharaja use to have this on our dash board:
  • ? + ? = ?
  • ? - ? = ?
  • ? / ? = ?
  • ? * ? = ?
  • ? = ?
  • ? = ∞
  • Nothing with no question.

If you come across Testing Garage, you will not find any facts or expertise for any time here. Instead you see mistakes and only mistakes from which I’m learning.

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